Top 10 Android TV box in 2020 [ 4K + ULTRA HD ]

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Are you a TV freak? If your answer is “yes”, then you should need to follow our post because today we will review more than 10 android tv boxes.

Once I was thinking about how boring these TV channels are! TV channels always comes with repeated content again and again, which certainly sucks. That was the reason behind why did i choose to try android TV box for my regular TV.

I already did not want to pay subscription fees for the useless TV channels as well as i was so excited to install an android TV box which will convert my regular TV to smart TV and after i can do everything that i could do with my smartphone. After using android TV box, I thought that my decision was right and that’s why today i can with the best android TV boxes which you can use in 2020 for 4k streaming as well for playing games. So, lets get started.


I am a hardcore gamer and that is why I love NVIDIA Shield TV pro. This Android TV box is mainly for the gamer who loves to stream their games on the smart TV in 4k quality. NVIDIA shield pro is the best of best android tv box in current generation for gaming because it comes with 3GB of RAM which is amazing. No one provides 3GB RAM for android TV box because of high prices of RAM and its supported hardware. Along with high RAM, it has 16GB of internal storage which is enough to store your games data.

Nvidia shield tv

Thanks to new processor chip, the NVIDIA shield pro is now providing 25% faster performance than its previous version of android TV box. It comes with the 2 USB 3.0 slots which is enough to connect external adapters, mouse or keyboards or anything else gaming products along with one Ethernet port. It supports WI-Fi along with bluetooth version 5.0.  Another great feature i love about the NVIDIA shield TV pro is that, it has dolby vision or you can say dolby atmos, which slightly changes your gaming as well streaming experience.

While Talking about the design, it comes with very beautiful shape which instantly catches your attention. NVIDIA comes with inbuilt google play store and google play services which allows you to download every other app seamlessly. It comes with the android version 9.0 (pie) so every application on the playstore supported with it.  Not only this but you can also stream netflix, hulu, amazon prime and disney plus in 4k quality. You can even play high-end games like fornite on it without any lag and losing quality. Also, NVIDIA has prebuilt google assistant that you would love to use, but if you love alexa, you can also connect it with your alexa assistant.



Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (By Amazon)

Are you addicted to amazon products and love to use them? Then this android TV box is definitely for you. Amazon Fire TV stick is the power house of all the biggest streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, etc. The Amazon Fire TV stick 4k was my first android TV box which i bought due to its low price and believe me, it was an awesome experience. My favorite part about this TV box is that you can watch a bunch of web series from your favorite platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Apple TV and many more.

Firestick tv

Now, shut down your traditional set-top box and connect the amazon fire TV stick to choose your favorite from 5,00,000 movies and TV episodes. This is the light weighted and cheapest android TV box that you can carry anywhere. The weight of amazon fire TV stick 4k is about 53 grams which are nearly nothing. It comes with the android operating system having a quad-core processor. The size of it is slightly bigger than a pen drive but you get all those features that a regular TV box has. It supports Bluetooth connectivity, along with wi-fi connection to connect the TV box with the internet and other wireless devices. It is compatible with Bluetooth speakers, headphones, video game controllers and more.

Another great thing about this android TV box is that it comes with the controller which is having Alexa voice assistant. You can control anything using voice commands same like you do with your alexa home assistant.  You can play movies, view pictures in gallery, open any apps using voice commands of alexa. Not only this, but also it can stream anything in  4k ultra HD quality along with Dolby atmos, which is amazing. You can easily get it from amazon for as low as 40$ but i prefer you to buy it with echo dot which is great deal.



Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube is another kind of android TV box because it has extended features than any normal android TV box has. It is my personally best android TV box and currently equipped in my home as well. I like it because it comes with an inbuilt Alexa assistant and inbuilt speaker which is amazing. It is a kind of fasted and most powerful android TV box than any other in a various manners like streaming videos and games etc. The name already suggests its shape. It comes with the cube-like structure which looks amazing having sharp corners and black color.

Firetv cube

It have android operating system and you get features like far-field voice control of fire TV, far-field control of devices that you won’t see in any other android TV box. You get the remote control in which alexa is already built which do your task slightly faster. You can access pictures in gallery, play videos, open different apps using voice commands to alexa.

You get hexacore processor which is awesome and helps to stream your content in 4k Ultra HD quality.  The only thing i didn’t like about it is the internal storage. It comes with very less storage as low as 16GB which is not enough to store so much data. But still, it is pretty good because many users prefer not to store movies instead they watch them online.It is special that it comes with inbuilt speakers.Talking about the structure of box, it has one Micro USB port, one infrared port, HDMI port and of course, one power plug port. You get so many things in the packed set like two AAA batteries,  IR extender cable, Ethernet Adapter, and power adapter.

The price of this Android TV box is much less than other android TV box comparing to their features. You get lots of features because it belongs to amazon itself which made this android box so powerful. It is available on Amazon for about $120 which is a good price range and obviously, a budget android TV.


Roku Ultra (2019)

Because of my curiosity, I was searching best android TV boxes on internet and came across the Roku ultra. I was shocked because the price of this TV box is much less than others it’s price around 80 USD, in fact, half of the other’s price. So, I thought that it will not give a good performance as I expected from Amazon fire TV stick but I was completely wrong. Roku Ultra is best ever for heavy streaming in HD, HDR, and even 4k quality.

Roku ultra

The great part about Roku Ultra is that it now supports Disney and Apple TV along with Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime. Roku Ultra is best if you are willing to buy low budget and high-quality android TV box.  Generally, Roku ultra is made for high-quality streaming of movies, videos, and games. The quad-core processor makes it much superior to stream your content in high quality. Another great part I caught that is it comes with the original premium JBL Headphones.

Now, let’s talk about its physical appearance. It comes with two USB port and one ethernet connection port. You can connect external devices using USB port or using Bluetooth and wi-fi.  You can set your personal shortcuts for one-touch control. As i already mentioned that Roku ultra is made especially for streaming, it works best for Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, Disney, HBO and many more. Along with this, you get access to  5,00,00+ movies and TV shows, which slightly reduce your cable bills. Hehe!!! The plus information just for you, it supports amazon Alexa if you don’t want to touch remote and access your android TV box over voice commands. uuuhhhuuu!!



Amlogic S905X3

While we are talking about the best android TV boxes for streaming, we can not forget the Amologic TV box. It is quite similar than other good streaming TV boxes. Low cost, high power and good quality processor makes it slighthly different than other android TV boxes. The powerful quad core CPU makes it able run any application and stream any video smoothly.


Amologic S905X3 comes with 4GB of RAM which is the first point to be considered. High RAM allows you to manage multiple things in parallel. Not only great RAM but also it has high amount of ROM, 64GB, which is massive. High internal storage allows you to store the movies in android TV box itself so that you don’t need to carry the external storage devices. I personally like the feature is that it comes with the wireless mini keyboard, allowing you to use alphabets and numeric keys seamlessly.

Amologic S905X3 has two USB 3.0 ports so that you could connect the devices like pen drives, mouse, keyboards, etc. We already told you that it is one of the best android TV boxes for streaming, then it would be either game streaming or NetFlix streaming. This Android TV box is great for streaming everything and you can experience it in Ultra HD quality as well as 4K quality. It simulates around 75 frames per second which are massively high quality for gaming and even for movie streaming. While talking about its look, it seems to be pretty cool square shaped with one mini keyboard, regular controller and one HDMI cable. Wireless connectivity makes it more hassle-free to connect external devices. Overall, it is a good budget Android TV box and having the best quality as well.



Pendoo X6 PRO 

In our Top 10 list of best android TV boxes, there are two of them from the Pendoo. Both of them are best for streaming but if you are streaming the high-end games or videos, then Pendoo X6 pro is best suitable for you. Pendoo X6 pro currently most used android TV box for streaming, making itself trustworthy. It has android version 9.0 (pie) and powered by allwinner H6 quad-core processor which makes it able to stream high-end games, movies and pictures without buffering.

Pendoo X6 Pro

This android TV box has prebuilt google playstore so that you can install any app directly from it. I am personally fan of Pendoo X6 pro because i am currently using it for streaming the games and also for watching movies. The high end processors makes sure that you can stream the content in Ultra HD as well as 4k quality. The Pendoo X6 supports dual band wi-fi as well as Bluetooth connections. The antenna of android TV box enhances the wi-fi receiving signals and increases stability.

The 4GB of RAM makes it superior to run apps and 32GB of ROM will allow you to store bunch of movies. You get two USB 3.0 ports where you can connect your mouse, keyboards, pendrives and many more devices. The best part about this android TV box is that it almost support all formats of audio and videos. It gives true life picture quality and runs videos in 4k quality at 60 frames per seconds. The setup is much easier, just plug power supply, connect HDMI cable and wi-fi or ethernet cable for internet connection. The great thing is that pendoo provides you every information that you need because customer satisfaction is their biggest priority.



Xiaomi Mi Box S

In the current world, No one is there who doesn’t know the brand called Xiaomi. The products from Xiaomi are best known for their quality and low price. The Xiaomi MI box S is also one of the best low budget android TV boxes which comes with lots of qualities and features. It is the powerhouse in the Android TV world. Xiaomi is powered by Android OS 8.1 (Oreo) which is suitable for home entertainment, home theater and business use.

One of the best features that I like about this TV box is that it comes with the google voice assistant, allowing your hands-free operations like playing songs, videos and doing many more things. Google Assistant makes so many things simple like searching photos, checking weather, setting alarm etc. If you are bored by watching the same TV channels then don’t worry, Xiaomi have 3000+ channels and apps for you. The premium apps like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, VUDU adds enjoyment in life by giving access to thousands of movies and TV episodes/

This Android TV box comes with small and beautiful shaped set-top box having audio port, HDMI port, one USB port  and of course, power cable port. You get dual wi-fi 2.4G and 5G so that you can connect different wireless devices like keyboard and mouse. It supports almost all video and audio formats and streams videos in 4k quality at 60 frames per second. So, if you are looking for best well known  branded android TV box suitable for streaming and having low cost, Xiaomi is for you.



Due to copyrighted issues, some android boxes are not supported by Netflix. In this case, you need some different types of box to run a Netflix.

As I shared with you that I am a great gamer and that’s why I love to stream my games in 4k quality. But along with this, I am netflix addict and spend my whole day watching Netflix movies and series. But the problem with some android TV boxes is that, they don’t supports to amazon prime, netflix, hulu and same like those. So, i started to search the best android TV box for streaming the netflix movies and episodes.

Pendoo TX 6

I got the PENDOO TX 6 and believe me, it is pretty nice. This TV box is originally made for the 4k streaming along with 60 frames per seconds. It is the latest model of which comes with the updated android version 9.0 (pie) allowing you to install and use any application from google play store right into your smart TV. PENDOO comes with the Bluetooth as well as wi-fi connectivity along with the Antenna. The great part about this TV box I realized comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. The 4GB RAM never lets you feel the lag while streaming games, TV episodes and movies. Huge internal memory allow you to store the movies and games in local storage to access them as fast as possible.

This TV box comes with 2 USB ports allowing you to connect external devices such as keyboard, mouse, pen drives and many more. You can also connect the devices with bluetooth and wi-fi for seemless experience. Because of better RAM capacity, latest android version and great processor, you feel and awesome streaming experience on it. It is a great Android TV box in low range budget which allow you to lot of things that other let you do.




Already we have shared with you one of the best android TV boxes for Netflix streaming which is the Pendoo TX6 which comes with the 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. But there are more alternative options for you if you want more storage space and a more efficient android TV box. Presenting you the TICTID  TX6 PLUS which originally comes with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage which is a massive amount of storage provided by the manufacturer. Generally, no one provides you this much amount of ROM but you are getting it in this android TV box which is the plus point I liked.


The Tictid TX6 comes with the latest android version which is 9.0 (Pie) which allows you to download and run any app from play store. But this is basically made for streaming the Videos and series in ultra HD quality. The 4GB RAM and high-end processor makes it possible to stream videos in 4k quality, enhancing your streaming experience. It has dual wi-fi connections – 2.4G and 5G allowing you to connect any wireless device. Also, you can connect devices using Bluetooth.

The android TV box comes with the play store which allows you to download any application. The latest android version is suitable for every application which is downloaded from play store. You can save movies in internal memory and later can access them in order to watch offline. This comes with the 2 USB ports which can be used to connect a mouse, keyboard and other devices. You can easily get this TV box on amazon in your budget price and the best part about it is the price which is basically half than others.



Bqeel Android TV

If you can not afford the expensive android TV box but you still want to turn your regular TV into smart android TV tv then Bqeel is the best option for you. It is the lowest range android TV box that anyone can easily afford which comes with great features. Because of its low price, I thought that it won’t perform as per my expectations but I was slightly wrong. It gives a good performance in the budget price, even more than you think.

The best thing about Bqeel android TV box according to me is that it comes with the latest android version 9.0(pie). The good part about the latest android version is that you can be able to download and run any application on your TV because of its compatibility. Another great side about this TV box is that it has heavy RAM, which is 4GB and more than enough internal storage which is 64GB, suitable to store hundreds of movies.

It comes with the dual-band wi-fi along with BlueTooth 4.0 allowing you to connect any wireless device. It has two USB 3.0 Ports so that you can easily connect external devices like mouse, keyboard, etc. The RK3318 quad-core processor is the key factor here which makes it able to stream the movies and series in 4k quality. Ultra HD quality display allows you to stream the Netflix videos in high quality which increases your enjoyment, and it supports almost every format of videos so that you won’t face any trouble while playing and enjoying your videos. So, if you are searching for the best android TV box for high quality streaming in a low price range, this is suitable for you.



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