Cartoon HD V3.0.3 | Download cartoon HD APK for Android 2020

Cartoon HD is oldest and safest app from long time.This app is available for multiple device platforms like Android and firestick also it’s very lightweight app.In this app you can easily grab a 720P and 1080P videos.

Fast past decade, the use of smart phones has increased rapidly and along with this, the internet also grown in massive way. The number of applications for different function also increasing day by day. In this stressful world, everyone wants enjoy and chill so they try different apps and websites where they can enjoy the latest movies, web series or even a TV shows.

The Netflix and Hulu are at the top of them, people love to watch. But we know that as like great service, they also take great subscription fees. That’s the problem that no one wants to have. People usually want to enjoy movies and shows without paying anything and yes, they deserve it.

That’s why we have come again with the brand app called cartoon hd where you can watch and enjoy every single Hollywood movie including cartoon animated movies along with daily TV shows right in your mobile phone.

So lets see what is inside this app.

What is Cartoon HD ?

Nowadays, lots of streaming apps are coming in the market.Like Movie hd and Leonflix.Some of them are paid which works on monthly or annual subscription plans where as some are free with lots of annoying ads embedded inside the apps. People don’t want any of these because that’s the only two problems audience always face to. The cartoon hd app is free from all these problems.

In this modern era of smart phones, people always looking for the entertainment and that’s what cartoon hd app is doing now. It is high quality streaming app where you can watch all the latest Hollywood movies along with the daily TV shows right in your mobile.

This app is currently available for two major operating systems, android and iOS. You can use it on windows as well by using mobile emulator and that works perfect. Cartoon hd is the only app that provides you every single Hollywood movie along with every cartoon animated movie.

So, it is great for kids as well to enjoy their day.Its comes with amazing features.Let’s look at them.

Features of Cartoon HD

There are pros and cons of every app but talking about the cartoon hd app, there are very less chances of having cons. But cartoon hd app has so many pros that would blow your mind. And these are the reasons why you should download the this app. Here we go!

High quality streaming

Quality matters everywhere! People nowadays love to stream movies in high resolution. Cartoon hd app never lags in providing the quality content. You can watch every movie and TV shows in different resolutions like 360p, 720p and even 1080p. The great thing about cartoon hd is that you can stream your video in high resolution even in slow internet connection. So, you never face quality issue while playing your video.

Smooth Experience

You know that nothing is free in this world and everyone do something for generating some bucks from it. That’s why the cartoon hd app consist of some ads but I am damn sure that these ads never frustrate you. The developer of the cartoon hd app placed ads in such a way that you will never face any issue while playing video due to ads. The ads usually placed at bottom of the screen so almost these ads never become headache for you. Along with this, scrolling and sliding is very smooth and takes no loading while switching from one tab to another. So it is the key factor about the cartoon hd app.

Endless enjoy

Everyone wants unlimited enjoyment that’s why cartoon hd is always ready to server you better and better content. The database of this app is too large and contains every single Hollywood movie along with captions and details like IMDB rating, genre as well as release date. Along with movies, there are all TV shows also available and daily gets updated with new TV show so that you won’t miss any of them. The team of cartoon hd app is so quicker that as soon as TV show releases, gets updated in the app as well.

Small size and Attractive UI

you will not believe that the size of cartoon hd app is as less as 3MB. It’s amazing! The app is developed in great way and optimized for better experience even with less size. The movies and TV shows are separated by two tabs and you can always switch between them. The new updated movies and TV shows are available in update option where as the new collection tab you will see below updates which contains the collection of movies according to IMDB ratings, genre, movie studio and types. I personally like the collection tab because there you can see the collection of movies like top IMDB movies, 3D movies, marvel universe, DC comics, Disney animation world, harry potter etc.

Download cartoon HD APK latest version for Android 2020


Category Entertainment
Version 3.0.3
Size 5 MB
Downloads 100 Million
Latest update January 2020

How to install cartoon HD APK in Android ?

As told earlier, cartoon hd is available for android as well as iOS. You don’t need to find it here and there because right below you can download it for your smartphone. Follow the instruction in order to download and install the cartoon hd app.

  1. Click on the download button and apk file will be started to download in your browser.
  2. After download is complete, click on the apk file and install it.
  3. Installation may take few seconds.
  4. If you are facing error of unknown source then don’t worry. Follow the given steps to install the app from unknown sources.
    • Go to settings > security
    • Enable option to install from unknown sources.
  5. After installation, open the app.
  6. Now enjoy your movies and TV shows without logging in the app.



Q – What is cartoon HD ?

Ans – Cartoon hd is a light weight and legal streaming app where you can access your favourite Movies and TV shows.

Q – Is cartoon HD shut down ?

Ans – Yes previous version of cartoon HD is shut down this version made by another developer.

Q – Is cartoon HD available for kodi Devices ?

Ans – Yes absolutely it’s available for Kodi device.An other thing is this app available for firesticks and iOS devices.

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