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Shifting Cultivation in Koraput District, Odisha

Odisha is proud of having her wealth in the form of tribal people because of its vast tribal population and their rich cultural heritage. The culture of Odisha owes its origin to tribal oriented customs and traditions.  The early name of Odra, Kalinga, Kangoda, Kosala and Utkal, which formed the modern state of Odisha, were … Read more

Impact of Odisha’s Maritime trade in India!

Import and Export Aricles:           The articles of export from Odisha during the British period were coconut, betel-nut, oilseeds, rice, forest products, handi-crafts, turmeric, dried fish, salt etc. Crystalized sugar manufactured in the Aska sugar factory by meesers Minchin & co. formed the principal item of export to foreign countries from the Gopalpur port.           … Read more

History of Ports – 18 Oldest Ports that Lives in Odisha!

At the advent of nineteenth century, with the coming of the Britishers there was a great change in the economic field of Odisha.  It is revealed from the British records that they possessed a good number of ports in Odisha like (1)False point, (2)Balasore, (3)Dhamarah, (4)Chandbali, (5)Suvernarekha, (6)Lychanpur, (7)Churaman, (8)Baruva, (9)Puri, (10)Chhanua, (11)Sartha, (12)Bavanipadu, (13)Chilika, … Read more

Ancient Odisha Cultures – 2 Things to Know!

The granary of the land “Odisha” surplus agricultural products also another factor for the maritime trade of Odisha. Rich cultural heritage of Odisha also another factor for the maritime trade.            Lastly Political patronage was another factor that helped the growth of Odisha’s prosperous maritime trade. The famous dynasties like the … Read more

Kartika Purnima – An Holy Festival in Odisha

 Besides on the fullmoon day of Kartika (October-November) both men and women of Odisha take their bath in rivers and ponds early in the morning and float down miniature boats made of the barks of plantain trees or of paper with brettle and brettlenut with lamp burning inside the colorful paper boat.   This custom … Read more

Maritime Trade Periods of Odisha during British Period!

The most outstanding achievements of Ancient Odisha was its flourishing maritime trade and commerce. The identity of present Odisha has been manifested in different names as places in the past.  They were as Kalinga, Odra, Utkal, Kangoda and Kosala.1 Among them Kalinga was the most popular in the mythological and historical eves of Ancient India. … Read more