Catmouse APK V2.5 | Download Catmouse apk latest version for Android - Teatv apk

Catmouse APK V2.5 | Download Catmouse apk latest version for Android

Want some entertainment? Presenting you the catmouse apk. Catmouse apk is one of the video streaming applications where you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows for free without spending any single buck. It is a non-profit application and freely available for multiple platforms.

From the past decade, the streaming industry is growing in a massive way. Especially, the video streaming industry has caught everyone’s attention as giants like Netflix and Amazon prime are there.

People nowadays are more interested in new, fresh and extraordinary stories to watch instead of those older 90’s movies. Someone realized what the new generation people want and that’s where Netflix born.

These platforms are generally working on subscription-based plans, means you need to take quarterly subscription by paying real cash. But deep down we all know that the OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or Disney+ are having subscription plans that everyone cannot afford and that’s where the apps like Teatv, movie HD and catmouse came into action.

Catmouse app is some of the best streaming application and a good alternative to terrarium TV which is recently discontinued. Let’s talk more about Catmouse apk.


What is Catmouse apk?

As told you earlier, catmouse is the streaming application where everyone can watch the latest stuff without paying a single cent, yes, you heard it right. Catmouse is the non-profit app which provides unlimited latest Hollywood movies and TV shows without taking any subscription.

Catmouse doesn’t have its own database, as being non-profit app. Instead of storing all the movies and TV shows in its own database, it simply uses web scraping and fetches the relevant content as per users query from the trusted and secure source.

Catmouse is becoming famous day by day because of its some really cool features and some of them are my personal favourite that I am going share with you right now. You will also love these features and if you really like it, let me know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to share our article with your friends.

Features of Catmouse apk

unlimited collection of Movies – The reason why streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon prime are at the top is the content. People want new videos and content on a regular basis, some people request for daily shows as well. Overall, people want more and more content and that’s why catmouse apk is our #1 recommendation as you will never feel lack of content there. Every Hollywood movie and all the daily shows are available on Catmouse app. Just search in the search bar and all the relevant content will be fetched for you.

User-friendly Interface – Front-end is always the first step to become a successful product. Many good products don’t get much market value because of its look. As simple and clean as the interface is, more the value it gains. In the case of catmouse app, this rule perfectly fits as it has a very good and attractive interface. The designers of the app have taken care of the UX which makes it really beautiful and easy to use. Any newcomer can easily understand the app without any prior guide. Overall, the catmouse is a pretty clean and cool application.

Freely Available – When the streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon prime was started, they ran their platform free for everyone to increase the user base. When they gained a good number of users, stopped the free service and started subscription plans in order to generate revenue. But paying for a subscription is not affordable for everyone that’s why the apps like catmouse became very famous. The catmouse is freely available forever so that you can enjoy the videos lifelong.

Cross-platform support – It becomes essential for the application product to run on multiple platforms. There are multiple types of devices used across the world, and the majority of them is android, iOS, Windows and Mac. But if you notice one thing that, iOS users are mostly based in the USA, so if you are creating your product only for iOS product, you are indirectly missing billions of users from other countries. That is why your application should be compatible with as many as OS possible. Currently, catmouse apk is available for all the android platforms, iOS and PC as well.

Download catmouse apk Latest Version For Android 2020


Version 2.5
Size 15 MB
Category Entertainment
Downloads 10k +
Last updated October 2020


How to install Catmouse apk in Android ?

Catmouse apk is easy to download and install on your android phone. You just need to follow the simple steps given below in order to install it. Here we go!

  • The app is not available on playstore or app store, so you need to download from our website.
  • Click on the download button given below, and catmouse apk file will start downloading in your browser.
  • After the download is finished, close it some while.
  •  Android does not allow you to install the third-party apps, so you need to enable that option from settings manually.
  • Follow the steps to enable permission.
    • Go to Settings on your phone.
    • Go to Security option. In some android phones, you need to go to lock screen and security option.
    • Then you will see an option like ‘unknown source’.
    • Enable that option and the blue tick will be shown.
  • Now, locate the folder where the apk file is situated and click on it.
  • Click on the install button at the bottom and wait for a few seconds, your installation will be finished.
  • Now enjoy the ad-free movies and TV shows for absolutely free.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Catmouse app free to use?

Ans – Yes, absolutely. Catmouse apk is free to use for everyone. You can download the latest version of it from our website without spending a single buck. If anyone is asking you money for the app then refuse it and download free from us.

Q. Is it safe to use Catmouse app?

Ans – Yes, 100%. Catmouse app is fully safe and secured app. As there is no login needed, no data will be generated belonging to your identity. Also, high-end encryption techniques are used in order to communicate with servers. Along with this, all the data is fetched from trusted and non-copyrighted sources.

Q. Is Catmouse apk available in my country?

Ans- We can’t say that as it depends on the terms and conditions of the app. But, I am pretty sure that there is no restriction on the app where to use it. In some well-known countries like USA, India, UK, Russia, the app is available. Let me know if you are unable to run the catmouse app in your country.

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