Hotstar APK V9.9.5 | Download Hotstar APK Latest Version - Teatv apk

Hotstar APK V9.9.5 | Download Hotstar APK Latest Version

Getting bore this season and want unlimited enjoyment at home? Then all you need is Hotstar apk installed in your phone. Hotstar is the famous Indian streaming app exactly same like Netflix but it have its own features that you would not find in other applications.

Do you like watching TV serials, movies , sports and drama? If yes then this post is only for you. The streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and prime videos are now on trending due to its fabulous services and great contents, and that’s what the customer want.

There is no lack of content in such streaming apps, i accept but they take huge subscription fees from their customers. That’s the main problem the customers in countries like India faces because those subscriptions fees are not in their budget range.

Hence we have brought hotstar app just for you which have awesome features over the Netflix and Hulu. So let’s see what is hotstar.


What is Hotstar apk?

If you are sports lover then you might be know the hotstar apk because most of sports matches are always hosted on hotstar. It is the only place where famous cricket world cups, IPL matches, TV serials, Latest movies, web series, live programs, comedy shows and many more programs are hosted.

It is originally developed in India by Star India pvt ltd. , so the subscription fees they take to deliver the content to their users are lot fewer than Netflix and Hulu. The subscription fees ranges from INR 500 to INR 1000 which is affordable for every Indian who loves all those shows and sports.

Hotstar hosts all types of shows and programs for every age group like cartoon shows for children, comedy shows and drama serials for older people, sports for sport lover and many more. Unlike Netflix who only focus on web series, Hotstar focuses on every single show that a whole family can watch and that’s the key difference between hotstar and other streaming application.

There are also  bunch of other features that you would love to know about the Hotstar, here we go!

Features of Hotstar apk

You can say that when you have hotstar app installed in your phone, you don’t need any other application for anything. This is the one man show app you need in these holidays.

Everything at One Place

Already we have told you many things about hotstar. Generally traditional TV channels works on only one type of shows like there is separate channels for drama, action, comedy and sports. That’s the most irritating thing i supposed to be about the TV channels.

But Hotstar allows you to watch each and every type of shows and episodes. You can watch latest movies in different langauges, drama shows, action shows, live sports like kabaddi, football, cricket, live news, web series and all the TV shows on hotstar itself.

Interactive Design

The user interface is the most important thing while designing any app or website. The User interface and front end design of hotstar is made in Italy and it is developed in creative way. The new user of hotstar can easily understand everything about it because no complexity is there while navigating through different menus and options.

Also the plus point about it is that you don’t need to logging in when you first enter in app, you can always watch the shows and movies without logging in but if you are going to take subscription then you must need to login through you mobile number.

High Video Quality

Some apps are there who provides exact same content that premium apps provides but due to their low quality video playback, user experience gets spoiled. You can stream any video on hotstar in high quality even if you have not taken subscription.

The maximum resolution of video you can stream in is 720 p if you are using free version but for VIP and premium users, it can be up to 1080 p which is amazing. The videos in the hotstar app are optimized in such a way that user never gets low quality videos.

Easy navigation

All the menus and options in the app are designed in great way. No one gets messed up with the options because anyone can easily understand which option they need to select. As soon as user installs the app and open it, gets landed on the home page where the previews of movies, TV serials, web series are shown.

At the bottom of homepage, there are categories like TV shows, movies, sports and news. You can easily switch between those tabs. If you click on the three horizontal lines at the upper left corner, you will get the side bar having different options like log in, watch list, downloads, premium, channels and many more. All the options are helpful for you, just click and check inside everything.

Download Hotstar APK Latest Version For Android 2020


Version 9.9.5
Size 22 MB
Category Entertainment
Platform Android and iOS
Last Updated March 2020







Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is Hotstar free to use?

Ans- Yes, Hotstar is absolutely free to download and use. But you get only limited access over the movies and shows if you are free member. To get full access over all TV shows, sports, web series and ad-free environment, you need to pay for the subscription.

Q. What are the subscription plans of hotstar?

Ans- There are two subscription plans that hotstar introduced, first one is Hotstar VIP which costs annually INR 365 and second one is the Hotstar premium which costs monthly  INR 299  but if you want to take it for annual basis, it costs you INR 999.

Q. Is Hotstar safe to use?

Ans- Yes, absolutely. Hotstar is officially from star India pvt ltd which is India’s one of biggest companies. It has very good reputation and currently there are 350 million users across the India. The technical team is there for security of the app and everything hosted on the hotstar is copyrighted by the company itself.

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