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Impact of Lord Jagannath in Odisha – The untold story!

 Indeed speaking, if seventy percent of Odia writings in olden days were religion and spiritual oriented than more than sixty percent of these typical composition were about the Lord Jagannath. 

He has been the main source of inspiration. Even if we go throw T.V. chanel we also found in sarthak and Prarthana channel Bhajan Sandya, Bhajan Antaskhari also many times Jagannath. Jananas are there, many serials, film and drama also composed based on Sri Jagannath.

Jagannath consciousness is the harbinger of a greater tradition. The Odias take pride in identifying themselves with the Jagannath tradition and infact Jagannath is an integral part of the Odia psyche and consciousness. 

From various historical records and legends it is well understood, that saints and followers of different religions have come to this srikshetra at different times and have made serious endeavour to interpret the Lord in their own way, but in course of time, all these religions have found their respective places in the institutions of Jagannath and preachers have made  compromise unhesitangingly . 

Possibly because of this we find here a great spirit of tolerance and mutual respect to divergent religions, since the fundamental principles of all the great religions of the world are more or less same and they differ only in rituals and practices.

            The Odishan art, literature and music are influenced immensely by Sri Jagannath culture. The traditional Mahari dance, Odishi dance, classical songs, are mostly developed under the influence of lord Jagannath and his favourite lyrics of Geet Govinda composed by the immortal poet Jayadev. Many poems and fictions are also written under the influence of Sri Jagannath culture. A lot of folk tales, folk songs, proverbs, chautisas etc. are also influenced by Sri Jagannath culture.

            It is found that Sri Jagannath culture has a great impact on the socio-religious life of Odia people in particular and Hindu community in general. From the foregoing analysis of the cult and deep rooted socio-religions and cultural practices that prevailed in the land, as universal and unique. Srimandir, Sri Jagannath and his allied objects are given great honour and reverence by the people of Odisha. 

So Jagannath temple of Puri has given the special identity to Odisha and Odias not only in India but also at the international level.

“Sesa Bandhu Tume mora sesa Jibanara

Srestha Bandhu Hoi ruha He Kala Takura.”

Jay Jagannath



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