Leonflix 0.7.0 | Download leonflix for PC and MAC in Free - Teatv apk

Leonflix 0.7.0 | Download leonflix for PC and MAC in Free

Leonflix is a free modular searching tool where you can easily access lot of entertainment stuff without annoying of ADs.This tool is available for Windows and MAC. It’s a safe and legal tool for watch TV shows and movies in high quality.

The number of websites providing access over various movies and TV shows has been raised to a greater extent in the past few years. It is getting harder to find the best video hosting website and that is the reason developers also have started working in the field of tools that can provide you seamless access over the same.

Leonflix is a name that is being highlighted over the past few years and the reason are the power-packed features it is offering its customers to enjoy on. If you wanted to know what exactly is Leonflix and what are the amazing features involved, just go through the details given below.But this app is also great alternative of Tea tv


What is Leonflix ?

Leonflix is a multi-device supporting streaming app.Leonflix is one of the leading search tools app specially designed to give access to thousands of movies and TV shows present on the web today. It perfectly searches through the search engine for video and files hosting websites and enables users to stream the videos being hosted on these websites also.

It is a free app option specially designed for the PC users that keeps you updated with film premiers, classic movies and latest episodes of various new seasons also.

It is a modular tool that perfectly extracts out the desired content from various streaming websites and filters out all the pop-ups and adware being provided in the content. One thing that we would like to clear here is that the application is still in its Beta stage. It means that the development phase is still going on and there is a lot of space for improvement.

Features Of Leonflix

Huge Library

Leonflix offers users a huge library to search on. Users are free to search for the latest movies and TV shows just by making an easy search here. Users can easily get access over their favorite movie or tv program anywhere anytime they want. The only thing that can interrupt your access is your internet connection. One thing that we would like to admire here is that the application keeps you updated with the latest video content also and for accessing which you can easily search upon the trending option under its menu option.

Free Access

Leonflix doesn’t offer any hidden or direct charges to pay on. It is a free app that you easily access as per your preferences.

ADs Free Access

It feels annoying to get access over content where you can find a lot of annoying ads. No one likes interruptions in the middle of their favorite movie or show. Leonflix is a platform that doesn’t include any ads section here and that is the major reason this application has become so much popular in just over a shorter span of its launch.

Multi-protocol access

Streaming is not only limited to HTTP in Leonflix. The application offers easy access over MP4 torrents also. The only thing that you have to do for accessing the same is just to paste a magnet link into the search bar, that’s it.

Social connection

Leonflix doesn’t provide you a platform where only you can get access to any streaming content. In fact, you can create p2p watch parties along with synchronized video playback and enjoy your favorite movies with your friends also.

Download Leonflix Latest Version For PC 2020


App name Leonflix
Version 0.3.0
Size 98.3 MB
Category Entertainment
App install 500k
Last updated June 2021



Q – Is leonflix unsecured and illegal ?

First I tell you about leonflix is save and fully legal app.Because this app is not host any copyrighted and pirated material in our servers.

Q – This app is available for Android devices?

Currently this app available for PC and Linux based devices.One day this app is also available for android based devices.

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