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MovieBox Pro is the app where you get enjoyment of unlimited movies and TV shows for absolutely free.You can enjoy this things in high quality resolutions like 720p and 1080p.In this streaming platform available 10000+ movies and TV shows in free.

In past decade, people are getting addicted to mobile phones and they prefer mobiles over the television to watch movies or shows. Usually one person spends 2-3 hours of a day watching movie or any shows on mobile.

This was the main reason why the apps like Netflix and amazon prime came into charge. They stole people’s heart first by showing them free movies and web series, after gaining much popularity they started to take subscription from them. That is the most hated thing people don’t like.

People always want to watch latest movies and TV shows for free. And if you are also looking for apps that provides you movies and TV shows for absolutely free then you don’t need worry about it. Our team is back again with the fantastic app where you can watch and enjoy all the latest movies and TV shows without paying single penny.

We have today the app called MovieBox which is huge library of movies and TV shows only for you. The awesome part about the MovieBox app is that it is available for both android as well as iOS devices. Let’s take a closer look on what is MovieBox app.

What is Moviebox PRO ?

You all know that currently there are bunch of apps available on the internet that provides you free movies, web series and TV shows. But deep inside we also know that these apps and sites contains annoying ads, redirecting links and harmful malwares that will crash your entire system.

Along with this, these apps ask you for the permission that no longer required but still they get granted from you and steal your personal information. The MovieBox app is far away from all these things. MovieBox is the app where you get enjoyment of unlimited movies and TV shows for absolutely free.

Thanks to great user interface and smoother experience, you will love it as soon as you start using it. Basically, MovieBox does not store movies and TV shows on its own web servers, instead it is indexed with multiple movie search engine and fetches them that you want.

The MovieBox app also works on subscription-based plan, but if you don’t want to take any subscription and don’t want to waste your single buck then you can get comfortable with the free version but you have to face some ads.

The developer took care while deploying ads so that users would not get crazy while enjoying their content. This app has too many great features that would blow your mind. Some of them are you will never see anywhere, lets dive into it.

Features of Moviebox PRO

Though there are bunch of features belongs to Moviebox pro, all of them we can’t discuss here. We have picked up few of them for you so that you will get an idea about the app how good it is.

Great User Interface

The appearance does matter and that’s what you will feel about this app. The layout is great and every genre is placed one by one below to the previous. You will see four sections on home screen, featured, movies, TV shows and TV guide. You can swipe left and right to switch between them. Along with this, you will see tabs like home, movie list, favourite, search and downloads.

Easy Navigation

The movie list tab is the bucket of hot list, award winning movies, day special- week hot movies etc. Under favourite tab, you will find all those movies and TV shows which you bookmarked. You can search any movie or TV show from search tab which is easiest way to find your favourite movies and shows. Under download tab, you will get all your movies and TV shows you have downloaded so that you can watch them later offline too.

Unlimited Fun

As told earlier, MovieBox is the collection of huge number of movies and TV shows. The TV shows gets updates daily whereas the movies are added into the app as soon as it gets released. The daily TV shows you can get from the movie list tab, next to home tab at the bottom of the screen.

Premium Shows

Under TV shows option, you will see options like new TV tonight, most popular TV, trending on Netflix-Hulu etc so that you can enjoy them along with the world. The new feature you will find in this app – ‘TV guide’. Under this option you get all the series of TV show in season-episode format. The great part is that you can get them all according to the date, that means the TV show that released today, gets added into today’s date.

Download Moviebox PRO APK latest version for Android 2020


Category Entertainment
Version 5.8
Size 15 MB
Device support Android & iOS
Downloads 100K
Last Updated April 2020
Official site https://movieboxapk.info


How to Install Moviebox PRO Apk in Android?

Downloading and installing the MovieBox app is on the go. you can download MovieBox for android as well as the iOS device. The app is not available on the google play store or apple app store as it is little against their policies. The MovieBox was previously available for free but now the developer did shutdown that app and released the MovieBox pro which consists of subscription-based plans. But still, the app is available for free with ad-supported experience. You can either buy a subscription or enjoy it for free for as long as the app is working. Let’s see how to download and install the app.

  • The app is available for both Android and iOS mobiles. Click on the download button below according to your device.
  • Android device does not allow you to install from unknown sources. So, you have to allow permission.
  • Just go to settings > security and enable unknown sources option.
  • Now open the downloaded apk file in order to install it.
  • Installation takes few seconds. After installation click on done.
  • Now open your app. You will see interface like this.

  • Click on any video and it will ask you to login because login is mandatory to track the all user’s identity.
  • After login is successful, you can now play any video and enjoy your day.

  • To buy subscription, just click on the profile option at the upper right corner and click on the VIP.
  • You will get all the series and shows that streams on Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Disney channel and so many platforms for very cheap prices.
  • Click on the ‘see plans and pricing’ to check the rates and choose your subscription accordingly.


Q – what is moviebox pro ?

Ans – Moviebox is app where you can stream your content in few click without paying money.

Q – Is moviebox shutdown ?

Ans – Yes previous version of moviebox is shutdown.But you use it’s upgraded version his name is moviebox pro.

Q – Is this app available external player support ?

Ans – In this app is not available external player support.This app comes with own player support.

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