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Music is an individual part of human life, and now, it is right in our pocket as well, Right?  Presenting you today the most favourite and widely used music streaming app, the Spotify apk. Spotify apk is the world’s no. 1 music streaming app which allows you to listen to millions of songs right in your mobile phone.

Everyone nowadays is busy with their daily schedule. Also, no one gets the free time to talk with each other. That is why the music became an individual part of our life. Music is the only thing that won’t leave us even in a bad situation. It is also said that music helps to stress out and I think it’s pretty correct. In older days, music was just a radio component or simply stored in physical storages like CD or cards but after Spotify arrived in the market, the whole definition of music was changed.

The music became the part of our pocket and we could play any of song on the go. That is the main reason why Spotify won the heart of many music lovers. If you are also one of those music enthusiasts then stay tuned with us because we going to rock with the Spotify apk.

 What is Spotify apk?

Spotify apk is a great revolutionary music streaming service that changed the music world.  The way Spotify provide music to their customers is the reason behind getting so many paid as well as free subscribers. Spotify is currently the world’s largest music streaming platform that is available in Europe, united kingdom, united states of America, Asian and African countries.

It was founded in 2006 in Sweden and they first launched their app in 2008. Spotify provides access to 50 million songs and albums to their users, having some more advantages and features to paid subscribers like early access to albums of celebrities, offline listening, unlimited downloads etc. There are so many other features of Spotify that I like and that’s the reason my mind forced me to take a subscription of it. I would like to share some of its features because it would make you fall in love with it. Here we go!

Features of Spotify apk

Spotify is freemium as well as premium service and obviously, premium users get some extra features that free users. The features vary depending upon the type of subscription as there are multiple subscription plans that Spotify has introduced. We are going to share with you all the features that comes with free as well as premium subscription.

Access to Unlimited songs and albums

Since Spotify is the oldest and biggest music streaming company, it is the warehouse of music from different languages including Hindi, English, Portuguese and all local languages as well. The greatest artist from different countries like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Imagine Dragons, Justine Bieber and many more specially create albums and tracks for paid subscribers of Spotify. There are more than 50 millions of song that are accessible for all freemium as well as premium subscribers.

Compatibility with Devices

When Spotify was first launched, it was only available for PC but when the first smartphone came into the market, they launched their first app for it in 2008. That was the turning point of the music industry and the first point to listen to music on the go. Then many improvements have taken place to make the app better because now the app is the only focus to grow the company. As of now, Spotify is available for android phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Macbook, Windows as well as Linux.

Value for Money

There are many music streaming apps in the market like apple music, Google Music, Amazon Music and so many but the Spotify is only one of its kind. Spotify collaborates with many professional and highest-paid music artist to create albums of music only for the paid subscribers for their great experience. That is the most awesome thing I like about Spotify and that is why nearly half of the total users of Spotify choose to take a premium subscription. I am pretty sure that you will not regret after taking the subscription. Hurray!

User-friendly Interface and Easy to use

One of the reasons to become the world’s no 1 music streaming app is the attractive and Easy user interface. The first thing is the less size of app which is less than 20mb for android and iPhones. The app has a very attractive interface along with easy to interact structure. The app asks you for your favourite artists and languages to listen to music at the time of initializing then on the home page it shows you all the best matches to your favourite songs. Just tap on any song and it will automatically start the next song on the end of the current song.

Ad-free Environment

There are two revenue model on which Spotify generally works. When the Spotify first launched, it totally depended on the ads supported model but later, they realized that ads spoil the users’ experience. That is why they came up with the premium subscription plans where user need to choose from different plans and accordingly they get more features than freemium users. For the paid users, it is absolutely ad-free but freemium users have to face some ads between the songs they play.Deezloader is a also best alternative and ads free app of spotify

Download Spotify apk Latest Version For Android 2020


Size 25 MB
Category Entertainment
Device Supports Android And iOS
Last Updated October 2020


Frequently Aksed Questions

Q. Is Spotify apk free to use?

Ans: – Yes, absolutely. Spotify is currently free to use but you get limited features like ad-supported music, play in shuffle, 6 skips per hour and no offline listening. To get some extra features you need to choose the premium plans on the monthly or yearly basis.

Q. Is Spotify apk safe to use?

Ans: – Yes, It is completely safe and secure to use. Since it is the oldest and biggest music streaming company in the world, it handles the users’ data very gently and all the data is stored in high end encrypted servers. So, you don’t need to worry about the security of the app.

Q. Am I allowed to use Spotify in my country?

Ans: – As of now, Spotify is available in many countries like the United Kingdom, United States of America, European countries along with some Asian and African countries. But if the app is not showing on the play store or apple app store in your country then you are restricted to use this app.



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