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Want to know how to use TikTok in India after a ban? Then stay tuned with us because here, you will learn how you can use tiktok in India without any problem. We are here with the tiktok apk latest release version so that you can directly download and start using it. Here we go!

The rise of the internet after the launch of Jio is Amazing. The use of the internet by people has increased. Afterwards, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, twitter grew rapidly.

These social media apps are believed to be very good for real-time happenings, news, chit-chat with friends and influence. But with the good things, bad things also arrived and that led to happen some serious issues. That befallen with Tiktok and cause permanent ban in India.

But, if you love tiktok and still want to use it after ban then here we have some tips and tricks for you. Let’s see them without wasting time!

What is TikTok APK?

Nowadays, everyone from child to grown-up throughout the world knows tiktok. Tiktok is a famous social media app known for its short-form videos. It is the only to cross fastest 1 billion downloads on the playstore.

Tiktok app is available on many different platforms including windows, android and iOS. You can use it online from the web version for PC.

Initially, you could only make videos of length 15 seconds but later Tiktok added the feature where you could make videos of length 1 minute. The short-video idea was too good that the whole world became mad for it. On average, one person used to upload 5 videos per day on the tiktok, and that’s the big number.

Within a couple of months, tiktok riched 190 million users only in India, the country with most tiktok users in the world. But with lots of popularity, privacy also became the key point for Indian users.

After lots of arguments on Chinese app-tiktok, it became permanently ban in India and there is no hope for tiktok to get back here!

But don’t worry, we have some tricks for you that you can use to access the tiktok after the ban. Click here to jump directly to the tricks section.

Features of TikTok apk

There are too many awesome features you will see in tiktok app. Tiktok was first of its kind, hence came up with lots of new ideas and features that people throughout the world liked. We will see a few of them here.

Short-Form Videos

This is the key feature and everything that the concept of tiktok is depended on. Short video feature allows users to create videos with a length of 15 seconds. User can create a short video on any topic, though there are restrictions on users. If the user doesn’t come across the terms and conditions, videos get removed immediately.

Lip-sync with any music/voice

Another great feature of tiktok that everyone loves to. Tiktok allows users to create videos with lip-sync with any voice, dialogue, music or song. The users have options to choose the music/voice for the short video. User can either use it from other users’ video or can download it from the internet and use it for their own video.

1 Minute Video Feature

This was the most awaited feature on the tiktok as before this feature has arrived, users are allowed to create videos of length 15 seconds. After tiktok released its update with the new 1-minute video feature, it became more attractive to the users. Users can create any promotional, instructive or short-film video using this feature.

Cross-platform compatibility

Though Android users are more as compared to iOS users in the world, some countries still have higher users of iOS than android users. So, behind the success of any platform, it’s very important that your website or app should be compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. The Tiktok app is available for nearly all platforms like android, iOS, windows etc.

Download tiktok apk Latest Version For Android 2020

Tiktok apk

Version 16.7.3
Size 90 MB
Category Table
Device support Android and iOS
Last updates August 2020

How to use tiktok in India after ban?

There are a couple of ways that you can use to play tiktok apk after ban in India on your phone. Just give a shot to every trick given by us and definitely they will work for sure.

First of all, download the tiktok apk from here, and don’t open it until we give you instructions.

Trick 1: Use tiktok from Wi-Fi

  • Don’t be in a rush and read all the instruction given below.
  • Fist, remove the sim card from your phone and restart it.
  • Now, connect your phone to any Wi-Fi and download the tiktok apk.
  • If tiktok is downloaded already then stop and go to settings.
  • Turn off the automatic date and time settings and use the time of any other country.
  • Now, download any VPN from playstore that is free.
  • Connect the VPN to the country of which you selected the timezone.
  • Now open the tiktok app and login/signup through the other options than a mobile number.
  • Here you go! You are all set and tiktok starts working on your phone without any problem.

Trick 2: Use tiktok Web version

  • For this trick, you don’t need to download tiktok app, just use tiktok web version.
  • First, go to playstore and download any free VPN.
  • Now connect the VPN to any country that is available in there.
  • Now open any browser like google chrome, safari or firefox and type tiktok.com URL in the URL box.
  • Click on the watch now button at the upper right corner and you will land on a new page.
  • Now click on the login button and choose any login option other than a mobile number.
  • There you go! You can now successfully use the tiktok in India even after ban.

My Opinion

Tiktok is a really nice app but the questions raising about the privacy of users is a serious issue. After all, privacy is the most important thing in the world and don’t let anyone take off your data for free for any kind of work.

If you think the decision made by the Indian government towards the users’ data and privacy is absolutely right then stop using it right now as we have some awesome alternatives desi apps made in India in rival to tiktok.

You can check them here and let us know your experience with these new apps. If you want more such tips and tricks then comment down below, we are here for you every time! till then, stay tuned with teatv.me.


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