Typhoon TV V2.2.6 | Download Typhoon TV APK For Android

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Typhoon TV APK is the android application where you can enjoy unlimited movies and TV serials for free. It is the best platform to access and stream thousands of Hollywood movies and daily shows right on the go. Typhoon TV APK is the best alternative to titanium TV or Tea TV to watch videos without spending a single buck.

Did you ever use streaming giants like Netflix, amazon prime video, Hulu or HBO? if yes then you might know the pain of paying subscription fee even though you do not use their services as compared to subscription fees. To overcome this problem, many free streaming services came into action with ad-enabled mode but experience with these apps is too bad and they ruin all enjoyment because of pop-up ads and the same like that.

But wait, there are still some free apps available for us that are too without ads embedded inside, isn’t it great! Absolutely it is. Titanium TV was previously best apk to stream free videos but later it was officially declared as dead by the developers but there are few alternatives available for us like Tea TV or Typhoon TV. Typhoon TV APK is one of the best streaming application where you can enjoy each and every Hollywood movie along with the latest TV shows. So, let’s see what is Typhoon TV and how to use it.

 What is Typhoon TV APK?

There are many streaming lovers who love to watch movies and TV shows in their free time. But you might know that there are only two types of streaming platforms available for us, the first one is premium membership apps where you have to pay per season and the second one it the free but ads embedded inside.

Both of them are annoying as people generally neither want to pay for subscription nor they want to watch those silly ads and ruin their enjoyment. But apart from it, we have the apps like Typhoon TV who provide us free access to unlimited content without inserting a single ad in the app.

Typhoon TV APK is the best android application where every Hollywood movie is available along with the daily updated TV shows. Not only this but famous series and movies from Netflix and Prime videos are continuously added by the editor team.

The structure of Typhoon TV APK is pretty simple, all the videos are not privately stored in the database instead they are scrapped from any other legal and trusted site means all the videos run in your browser are cloud-based. It is the best application for android devices because of its great features that will blow your mind. Do you want to know more about those features! If yes then keep reading. Here we go!

Features of Typhoon TV APK

Free To Use

As you know that streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video costs a lot of subscription fees to deliver the best content. All the videos are originally created by them and hence to recover all the expenses and as a business, all charges are mandatory. But this is not in the case of typhoon TV, as it does not create its own content. Typhoon TV is still free to use for everyone and will be free in future too.

Access to Unlimited videos

You might be thinking that it won’t deliver you the great videos as it is free but you are absolutely wrong. As I already told you that this app fetches the most relevant matches from the third party website, so you will get everything that is available across all the streaming apps and the movie websites.

Simple-Attractive UI

The user interface is the most important thing and Typhoon TV developer team took care of it very nicely. Users mostly judge the application from its interface so the developer team designed typhoon tv pretty simple and lovely too.  Any newcomer can easily understand to handle the app and play around it.


There are always two ways of revenue model in every company, either premium membership or ad-supported platform. Streaming giants like prime video and Netflix totally depend on the first model. But in the case of typhoon TV, it neither works on premium model nor on the ad-supported model. Just like a startup, it is free in every manner and that makes it more lovely and famous.

Download Typhoon TV Apk Latest Version For Android 2020

Typhoon tv apk

Version 2.2.6
Size 20 MB
Category Entertainment
Device Support Android
Last Updated 3 Days Ago

We never do provide any type of harmful apps and file this app is officially provided by Typhoon tv. This app is not any type of Mod or Crack version of Typhoon tv its an original app of typhoon tv.

How to Install Typhoon TV APK?

Downloading and installing the Typhoon TV APK is the most simple process until now. You just have to download the APK file from our website which is safe and secure and then have to install in your android device. Remember that it is currently available for only android devices. But using Android Emulators, you can run it on PC as well.

  • Click on the button given down below from where the .apk file will start downloading in your browser.
  •  After the download completes, close that tab and open settings.
  • Sometimes your system restricts the installation of apps from a third party other than play store so you need to enable one option from setting.
  • Follow the steps given below to enable that option.
    • Go To Settings On Your Phone.
    • choose Security Option. In Some Android Phones, You Need To Go To Lock Screen And Security Option.
    • Then You Will See Option Like ‘Unknown Source’.
    • Enable That Option And Blue Tick Will Be Shown.
  • Now open the apk file and click on the install option.
  • Within a few seconds, the app will be installed and you are ready to enjoy your free movies, shows and series.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Typhoon TV app free?

Ans: – Yes, absolutely. Typhoon TV is free since it was released and will be also free in the future. If anyone asks you to purchase app then don’t pay rather install it from our website.


Q. Is Typhoon TV safe to use?

Ans: – Yes. It is fully safe and secure to use. since there is no database in the app, no personal data will be stolen. Apart from this, all the content is scraped from secure websites so it is away from copyright segments.


Q. Is Typhoon TV available in my country?

Ans: – It is available in most countries like USA, UK, European Countries, India etc. But you can check yourself if this app works in your region or not and also let us know if it does not.



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