Download Youtube Vanced APK [ Root ,No Root and Magisk ] 2020

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Youtube vanced is modified and AD free version of official youtube app.This app is available for Magisk module , No root and root devices.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform where thousands of videos get uploaded every minute. Lots of videos means heavy data and maintaining this large database is not easy and that’s why YouTube shows advertisements from different brands and embed them in the videos created by the different creators.

These ads are annoying we all know but because YouTube is free to use, we have to face those ads. If you don’t want to see any ads then you have to buy subscription that no one wants, really.

Some developers thought something to create a mod of YouTube where you will get all those features which YouTube premium is providing you for absolutely free. After so many efforts, they finally created cracked version of YouTube or you can say it a YouTube mod named as Vanced.

As of now, very few only know about this app and there might be chances that you also don’t know about the YouTube Vanced so we are going to explain everything about the YouTube Vanced app so you will get its features along with installation process. Here we go!!

What is Youtube Vanced ?

In the world of internet, there is no one who don’t use the YouTube. Everyone know that nowadays YouTube is showing too many ads for every video, some of them are even non-skippable for 15 seconds and sometimes there are two ads, one immediate after previous which certainly crack our mind.

After this crap, YouTube is like, hey we have solution for this; pay monthly subscription fees and get background play feature, dark theme and ad-free streaming. But as long as we have community there like XDA developers, we don’t need to buy any subscription from any of brand app, not even Spotify and Netflix.

Team of four developers stared work on YouTube Vanced which is generally mod of official YouTube app. YouTube Vanced provides each and every single feature that YouTube premium provides you without any fees.

You don’t need to buy YouTube Vanced, it is free on the internet, how kind those developers are!! Just kidding but as of now, YouTube Vanced is absolutely free for all where you get bunch of features that are not even in YouTube app itself like pink and blue theme etc. Let’s see each feature in detail!

Features of YouTube Vanced

As already told, YouTube Vanced has more awesome features than original YouTube. Some of them are just rocking that you couldn’t even think. Have a look!


The digital marketing is rising in incredible way. The google ads are one of those methods to grow any business and that’s what many companies are doing right now. The YouTube is giant platform for companies to spread their business in little time. But YouTube also know that showing ads in middle of any video is not good for user experience and that’s why they released the premium version where user can experience ad-free environment with some bucks.

But why to pay for ad-free environment when we have the YouTube Vanced. This is the major feature of Vanced that everyone like. Start using YouTube Vanced, you never will face any ad so that you can continue your video till end without any interrupt.

Backgroud Play

YouTube premium is famous for one more feature, that is background play. Even you minimize your YouTube app, the video keeps playing in background. I personally like this feature because sometimes I play the music video to listen just music. The background play is the very latest feature from YouTube and also included in premium version.

The team YouTube Vanced added this feature in the Vanced app so that user don’t need to buy official YouTube subscription just for this feature. You can change the settings of background play from the Vanced app any time and also you can disable if you don’t want it anymore.

Zoom and Auto repeat

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can automatically repeat any video. This feature can not be found in the official YouTube app but team YouTube Vanced made this feature themselves and added it to Vanced. Along with this, the feature that I personally like is pinch to zoom.

You might have realized that you cannot zoom the video but this feature is given only for you in the Vanced app. To zoom any video, just pinch and boom! This feature is available for all android version. You can change the settings of auto repeat anytime. You can enable or disable the background repeat as well if you want to repeat the background vide.

None Rooted Feature

If you really love to try new mods and cracks of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify then you might be known that sometimes your mobile needs to be rooted to access these apks. Rooting your device is not a big deal but any wrong step taken while doing root cause damage to your mobile. Sometimes critical problem can be happened with your mobile and your mobile will be turned into brick.

By keeping this thing in mind, Vanced team made this app for non-rooted device as well so that everyone can access the premium features of YouTube without rooting their device. Currently it is available for rooted and non-rooted mobiles, you can choose any of them according to your mobile functionality.

Download Youtube Vanced APK latest version for Android 2020


Category Entertainment
Version 14.21.54
Size 65 MB
Downloads 10 Million
Last updated January 2020



How to Install Youtube Vanced APK in Android ?

Installing the YouTube Vanced is not a big deal, but you will face some problems while logging in with your google account. We have explained all the process, how you can install and sing into the YouTube Vanced with your current google account. Here we go.


  1. Download the YouTube Vanced from below for non-root version. If you have rooted device then you can download the rooted version too.
    • Rooted
    • Non rooted
  2. After downloading the apk file, click on it and simply install.
  3. If you are facing trouble with installation like unknown source, then don’t worry. Follow the steps given below.
    • Go to settings > security
    • Enable the installation from unknown sources
  4. After installing the YouTube Vanced, remain it closed for sometime and meanwhile download another app which will help you to sign in.
  5. Download the MicroG app from below.
    • Micro G
  6. MicroG app has no any interface, it just remains installed in your device.
  7. After downloading MicroG, simply install it and close all windows.
  8. Now open the Vanced and click on sign in with your google account.
  9. MicroG app will automatically detect this and will help you to sign in.
  10. Enter your password of google account and finish sing in process.
  11. Now you are well ready to experience all those premium features including ad-free videos and background play.



Q – What is Youtube vanced ?

Ans – youtube vanced is AD free version of youtube.This app is made by XDA developer team.This app is officially available for Root , Non rooted android devices and magisk.

Q – Is this AD free youtube platform ?

Ans – Yes absolutely it’s a AD free and Subscription free platform.

Q – Is youtube vanced available for iOS devices ?

Ans – No it’s not officially announce for iOS devices but this app launched soon for iOS.

Q – How I sign in on YouTube vanced ?

Ans – You need to download MicroG for sign in.


Some of our users would think about the privacy and security, probably Everyone would. For your clarity, let me tell you that Vanced app is not totally different app, instead it is just modified with some code to provide you premium features and all the videos that you watch are still stored on YouTube servers, without disturbing your privacy. So, stop watching annoying ads and start using Vanced which is totally free. Cheers!

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